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About Us

Engineering Construction Academy at Lincoln High School

Our Mission: To build a workforce for California

Our Academy Prepares students for the transition into adulthood with industry validated certifications and a four-year Career Technical Education (CTE) digital portfolio.The Academ, built in collaboration with our industry partners, provides a comprehensive and sequenced curse of study that integrates rigorous academics with the mechanical, technical, and hands-on skills needed to prepare our students for pre-employment and continuing education in the building Trades and Construction Industry Sector.

Partners Make it Happen

Lincoln High School’s Engineering and Construction Academy is a collaborative partnership between education and industry that is umparalleled. The Academy currently has over 50 businesses, associations, contractors, and suppliers, both union and non union, on the benefactor list that have helped in some way. Many of our donors have provided in-kind donations, cash, brick and mortar, labor or equipment. In order for us to sustain our momentum and keep the Academy thriving we need to continue working with our industry partners to help secure funding for equipment, materials, scholarships, etc. We want to thank our long time supporters and would like to invite your company to join us in supporting the Engineering and Construction Academy.


Lincoln High School’s Engineering and Construction Academy is a school within a school that provides educational opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in the Building Trades and Construction Industry. The Academy has rigorous academic coursework, relevant hands-on training, and career paths that are directly related to the construction trades. Students in our Engineering and Construction Academy are enrolled in UC/CSU approved English classes with contextualized curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant to the Building Trades and Construction Industry. Academy students are also concurrently enrolled in the appropriate level math classes in which the curriculum is related to real world projects in construction.

The Engineering and Construction Academy staff is dedicated to educating and preparing all students for productive adulthood. Academy students must complete four years of high school English, three years of math, two years of science (Physical and Earth Science, and Biology), two years of Physical Education, World Geography, Health and Psychology, World History, U.S. History, American Government, and Economics. Additionally, all Academy graduates must pass the California High School Exit Exam.

Students pursue one of four career paths: Wood Products and Cabinetry, Mechanical Construction, Construction Technology, and/or Residential and Commercial Construction. Each demanding discipline requires mastery of its own industry specific skill sets.

Finally, the Academy’s facilities are designed to function as a textbook, educating students about the various components of a building by exposing the plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems and featuring the masonry, fire sprinklers, carpentry and green technology applications of construction.

Meet our Dedicated and Experienced Staff

An Investment In Us...

…is an investment in the future. In order to accomplish our goals, we are continuing to reach out to our community and industry partners for additional support in order to sustain our Academy. If you would like to be a part of this exciting project Contact Jeff Wright at (209) 639-1066. Thank you for your consideration of supporting our Academy. All checks should be made out to Lincoln Unified School District with a note for the Engineering and Construction Academy.

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Items Needed…

Donations of cash, materials, supplies and equipment
Field Trip locations
Employment opportunities for students
Scholarship opportunities